On Friday February 24, 2023 I Got the pleasure of interviewing UKEE Washington from CBS3 Philadelphia:


1. This July it will be 37 years here at the station! I came home in 1986 as a sports anchor and reporter after working in Fort Myers Florida. I did sports for the next 10 years here and moved to the news department in 1996. Coming home to continue my career was and continues to be a true blessing!! I was born and raised in West Philly while commuting to Dover Delaware between my 7th and 12th grade years. I did that because my Father taught at Delaware State University. We would come home to Philly on weekends.


2. I worked part time at,,WTVR CBS in Richmond Virginia right after my Senior year in college then in 1981 went to WBBH TV (NBC) IN Ft. Myers Florida from through 1986… with a 6 month period in 1985 at WSB in Atlanta Ga., before returning to Ft. Myers.

I went to Friends Central School on City Ave first through third grades… The Henry Charles Lea School at 47th and Spruce 4th through 6th grade.. then Central Middle School in Dover De De. 7th and 8th grade.. followed by High School years at Dover High 9th through 12th grade.. That was followed by 4 YEARS AT THE University of Richmond.


3. I played basketball and ran track in High School and just Basketball in college. I tore my patellar tendon on my right knew my freshman year in college which kept me to one sport then and that was basketball!

4. My favorite thing about being a news anchor is being able to connect with sooooo many people on and off the air. I try to spread a positive message in all I do, despite so much negative news in the world,, but I find away to bring the positive stories out as well and have amazing help from and confidence in my colleagues to do that! Ive been using the word Family looooong before I believe it became popular.. maybe for about 30 years now,, we are ALL Family,, we are all children of God,, and that’s my foundation behind saying it often!


5. Such an honor and blessing to be in both Halls of Fame…my name is now along side some incredible people,, many of whom I looked up to and possibly worked with along the way! Im not an awards guy at all,, I believe my purpose is to uplift and inform the people.. I don’t really need,, although its truly an honor,, but I don’t need to be recognized.. im not into being acknowledged for what I do.. I just love to do it… and if it brings personal satisfaction to someone… that’s “award” enough for me!


6. I like to spend my free time with family…and I love to play golf… my alone time is my private little space and I love to take advantage of it when I can since the job is quite demanding. I take a page from Jackie Kennedy Onassis when she said “ Im the worlds most private public person “


7. The News can be a downer for sure I times,, but they are important stories to tell,, with every tough story I try to make sure that I and the station can tell at least 2 or 3 positive and uplifting stories to help balance the over all feeling. I tell all stories like they are part of me and my family. So its impossible to shake things off.. my strong faith allows be to deal with it and provide a vibe that can help be some type of solution to the difficult times. When I go home at night I put everyone in my prayers knowing that strong faith will personally get me through..I believe the power or prayer is great for all of us!!




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