On Tuesday April 11 I Had a opportunity to interview Swimmer Alexa Posa

1. How long have you been a Swimmer

3 Years

2. Are you in other Sports or School Activities

Yes I've been in choir for 8 years, I'm also apart of FCS (fellowship of christian students), Blue eagle ambassadors, key club, and aevidum.

3. What your favorite subject in School

My favorite subject is English especially when we have writing assignments I always find a natural flow with my writing

4. What your Favorite thing about Swimming

My favorite thing about swimming as to be my teammates we as a team understand what we go through each day at practice and we are always their for another at the end of the day I truly know I can count on them for anything.

5. What was it like under a new coach this year

It was quite interesting under a new coach I was very sceptical at first but as I saw how he truly cared about us athletically, academically and personally I realized that he was just what we needed on this team, although he can be serious most of the time he's the coach that brings out the fun side of the team.

6. Do you have any colleges in mind next year

My top 3 colleges that I've been looking at are Liberty University, Kings college, and Calthoic Universty of America.

7. Do you have any other stuff to tell people

Remeber to have fun and Get involved with school activities, I swam when I was 8 but then quit I never imainged myself being a swimmer again until I gave it a second try my freshman year of high school now I can't imagine my life without it. I would like to thank my coaches for always believing me and pushing me beyond what I thought were my limitsm

And #1 I've been a competitive swimmer for 3 years but I did take swim lessons from the age of 2-8