Director: Rick Hilborn

Contemporary Music Director: Frank Felix

Visual Tech: Michael Arner

Visual Tech: Steve Brown

Drill Designer: Richard Boandl

Music Designer: Rick Hilborn

Percussion Ensemble Designer - Rick Hilborn

Colorguard Captain Head: Sammie Schnabel

Colorguard Tech: Maddie Camps

Colorguard Tech: Stephanie Sobler

Music/Visual Tech: Amy Flyte

Music Tech: Andrew Brodt

Music Tech: Collin Bell

Percussion Tech: Ben Kern

Percussion Tech: Nathan DeRaymond

Percussion Tech (Pit) : Libby Mormak

Percussion Tech (Pit) : Kevin Kern

Percussion Tech (Pit) : Craig Mandelbaum

Band Volunteer: Timothy Hageman

Band Volunteer: Mark Reiser

Word of Wisdom Pep Energy Guy at Rehearsals: Andy Weaver 


2022 Nazareth Marching Band Competition Schedule:

November 12/13 in Hershey 

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