The Face of Nazareth School District (Coach Andy))

Andy ''Coach'' Weaver

Full Time HEAD Ticket Scanner at all Nazareth Sports Events

Nazareth Blast 10U Softball Coach

Nazareth Blast 12U Softball Coach 

Nazareth Blast 14U Softball Coach

Palmer Fall Softball JR and SR Softball Coach

Clippers Spring SR Softball Coach

HOME NEWS in Bath Reporter

Owner and Creator of 

Former Assistant Nazareth HS Field Hockey Coach

Former Assistant Nazareth HS Girls Lacrosse Coach 

Former 7th/8th Grade Saucon Valley ELV Softball Coach

Former 7th/8th Grade Wilson ELV Softball Coach

Former Nazareth Middle School Powderpuff Football Coach 

Former Nazareth Blast 16U Softball Coach 

Former EWMI in Northampton Employee


Focus on Learning - Build Character - Shape the Future



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Leah Recker,  - Executive Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent -   

Isabel C. Resende, Ed.D.,  - Assistant Superintendent -

Stuart C. Whiteleather, Ph.D., - Business Administrator -







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2023 Nazareth School District Spring HOME Event Schedule: 

Tuesday December 12 Swimming vs Whitehall at 4pm 

Tuesday December 12 Girls Basketball vs ES South at 7pm - PAID EVENT - NO CASH SALES

Wednesday December 13 Wrestling vs Freedom at 7pm - PAID EVENT - NO CASH SALES

Friday December 15 Boys Basketball vs Becahi at 7pm - PAID EVENT - NO CASH SALES

Friday December 22 Boys Basketball vs Pleasant Valley at 7pm - PAID EVENT - NO CASH SALES

Monday January 8 Boys Basketball vs Easton at 7pm - PAID EVENT - NO CASH SALES

Friday January 12 Boys Basketball vs Liberty at 7pm - PAID EVENT - NO CASH SALES

Tuesday January 16 Boys Basketball vs Whitehall at 7pm - PAID EVENT - NO CASH SALES

Wednesday January 17 Wrestling vs Dieruff at 7pm - PAID EVENT - NO CASH SALES

Thursday January 18 Wrestling vs Emmaus at 7pm - PAID EVENT - NO CASH SALES

Monday January 22 Boys Basketball vs Freedom at 7pm - PAID EVENT - NO CASH SALES

Wednesday January 23 Wrestling vs Allen at 7pm - PAID EVENT - NO CASH SALES

Tuesday January 30 Boys Basketball vs Dieruff at 7pm - PAID EVENT - NO CASH SALES


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Nazareth Area High School Alma Mater


”In the historic Nazareth Gainst the rising sun Stands our love Alma Mater Pride of days to come.  Here with Daily Tasks we struggle with our goal in sight Ever mindful of our Brothers And the Blue and White.”  ”By the name, dear Alma Mater We shall win the fight And for us, thy sons an daughters Days will e’er be bright Nazareth High, to thee we’re pledging All our Main and Might Never shall dishonor cloud thee Nor the Blue and White!”


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The Nazareth Area School District’s vision is to inspire students to become innovative, collaborative, and constructive citizens who embrace diversity, value education and honesty, develop a strong work ethic, and a sense of responsibility, that challenges them to be leaders in a global society.


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  • Number of Schools
  • 99%Graduation Rate at NAHS
  • 380 Class of 2022 Graduates
  • 579 Full-time Employees



Hi I am Andy Weaver, Head Ticket Scanner at Nazareth at all Paid Events at Football and Boys and Girls Basketball and Wrestling Events with the A Team with Sandy and Dennis Kincaid who been doing the gates for over 40 years and also take tickets at Whatever Playoff Events that My Number 1 Boss Ever Ray Ramella can bring to our Town to help the District Since 2012  and I Sometimes take tickets at Easton and Every February I scan Tickets with a iPad/Scanner for District XI Wrestling at Liberty High School with BOBBY V For the District Championship and Regionals and a Softball Coach for the Nazareth Junior Blue Eagles for all 3 Levels 10U, 12U and 14U and also a Youth COACH for the Upper Nazareth Clippers Softball Program from May to July as a SENIOR Level Coach and ELV Fall Softball from August to October!


I am known as the Face and Pulse of Nazareth Area School District and the Pulse of Nazareth and a Softball Coach for the Nazareth Junior Blue Eagles for all 4 Levels 10U, 12U and 14U .


In August 2023 I started my 14th Season Collecting Tickets at Nazareth as I Scan Tickets with my Cell Phone at ALL Home Football and Basketball Games and Wrestling Matches and I Also help Scan Tickets every February for District XI Wrestling at Liberty High School for the Wrestling Championships Districts and Regionals and I Also help Easton School District with Scanning Tickets Too!


I  posted School Announcements including Bell Schedules etc.. to help the Students of Nazareth School District and When Kids ask questions about school VIA the internet on Facebook and Twitter I Try to answer them and if I Don’t know the answer I Point them to Scott Bredinger the New High School Principal!


I am an 2004 Graduate of Nazareth High School and a 2008 Graduate from the Hiram G Andrews Center in Johnstown PA! While at Johnstown I Helped Close the Rec Hall Each Night at 11pm and I Help put Newspaper Down on the Ceramic Table Every Day! I Also helped the West Surburban Little League with Baseball and Softball from 2005 to 2008!


Back Home here in Nazareth in April 2014 to June 2014 I was an assistant for the the Girls Lacrosse Team at the High School and also from August 2014 to July 2015 I Was an assistant Field Hockey Coach at Nazareth High School!


In March 2015 I Started Full Time when Director Beth Peters was the Theater Director in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and continued to help in the 2018-2019 School Year with John A who back in November of 2017 was named NEW Theater Director at Nazareth High School I was a Goodwill Ambassador with the High School Theater Group the Entire School Year as i helped them at all the rehearsals relax and smile during practices and gave Pep Talks before each Show!


I Also write Nazareth Sports Stories for the Home News in Bath, I Started in 2013 and will continue here in the 2021-20202 School Year once a week usually i write them on Sunday Nights and that paper comes out on Tuesday each week!!!!


In May 2015 I Started to Coach the Upper Nazareth Clippers Softball with the 8th and 9th Grade Level Kids and in the 2016 Summer I Coached the 8th and 9th Grade again and also Coached the Senior Level Team from 10th Grade to Post Graduates and in 2017 I Coached for the Clippers again at the Senior Team Level with my buddy Wayne Deegan and in 2018 with Jason Kupcha!


From April 2017 to June 2018 I helped Mark Mixa’s 8th and 9th Grade Softball team in Hellertown at Saucon Valley! From August to October of 2016 I Coached an Fall Softball Team with Mark Mixa for the Eastern Lehigh Valley Softball League from August to October with kids from Different Schools and From August to October of 2017 I Coached Fall Softball in the Eastern Lehigh Valley Softball League with my buddy Mark Mixa! In 2018 I Coached 8th/9th Grade Softball at Saucon Valley and Senior Softball at UN Clippers Softball with Jason K and did a few games in 2018 Summer at Pen Arygyl with Brion Morro and then from August to October of 2018 Coached Fall Softball with Donnie James and Jason Burwell.


In July and August of 2020 I  was a   7th/8th/9th Grade Softball Coach at Wilson with Donnie James and for Senior Softball at ELV with Marc Green and started coaching the new 12u Team that Reed Grover that started in July of 2020 here at Nazareth which is part of the Lehigh Valley Girls Softball League and then did Fall Softball from August to November with Jenn Daily 12u Team and the 10u Team with Stephen Genzele and coached Indoor Softball at 7 Spins in Whitehall on Saturdays from November 2020 to March 2021 with my 12U Team with Jenn Daily.


In August 2021 I started  coaching 10U Softball in the Lehigh Valley Softball League with Joe Dente and 12u Softball with Mike Zinn and 14u Softball with Jenn Deily and coached Winter Softball for all 3 levels on Sunday Nights at 7 Spins in January, February and March of 2022 and then from April of 2022 to July of 2022 I Coached the 10U, 12U And 14U Nazareth Blast Softball Teams.


In August 2022 started my 3rd year Coaching Nazareth Blast Softball As I Will be coaching the 10U, 12U and 16U Teams! I Coached 10U with Matt Bennett, 12U with Joe Dente and Andrienne Kashner and 16U With Jenn Deily!


In August 2023 will start my 4th year Coaching Nazareth Blast Softball as I Will be coaching the 10U, 12U, 14U and 16U Teams! I Will be coaching with Justin Kashner at 10U, Andrienne Kashner at 12U, Joe Dente, Steve Genteel at 14U and Fall ELV Softball with Sandi Ruth and Taylor Ann!


In September 2022 my 13th year Collecting Tickets at Tickets at ALL Home Sports Paid Events for Nazareth School District!


In September 2023 I Will start my 14th year as a Nazareth Athletic Department worker as we start our 1st year Full Time Scanning Tickets at all Home Events at Nazareth with my Cell Phone!!!!!!


I am a People Person and I Announce the 4pm-5pm News on Weekdays Mondays through Fridays on CBS 3 with my Microphone and Phillies Baseball on NBC Sports Philadelphia and NBC 10 and Lafayette College Football and Basketball on the Lafayette Sports Network and High School Sports on on the Service Electric Network on Channel 502, Channel 550 and Channel 902 And I Announce College Men Basketball on the Big Ten Network from November to March and I Announce Lehigh Valley Phantoms Hockey and the Lehigh Valley IronPigs Baseball on the Service Electric Network and Lehigh University Football and College Basketball on Service Electric and Sometimes Muhlenburg College Football and Basketball Events on Service Electric and on the Muhles Network and Moravian University Football, Basketball, Basketball and Softball  on Service Electric TV 2 and on the Greyhound Sports Network And Every August I Announce Musikfest on Service Electric in between the performers sections when they take a break!


I Always put people First!


If you can Dream it, You can do it!


Always Smile!


That the Best Medicine!




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Picture with Jahan Dotson

Picture with the Becahi Girls Basketball Team

My 2023 Fall Softball Team