On Friday January 27 I Got to chat with new Head Girls Lacrosse here at Nazareth Michelle Mihalko


Please take a look!


1. How long have you coached Lacrosse?

I have coached lacrosse for 20 years. Right out of college I helped my high school coach with her club team in the summers. My first high school coaching job was with Parkland. It was their 2nd year as a club team. In 2009 I started the lacrosse team at Easton and had been the head coach there for 14 years. 


2. What Made you want to move from Easton to Nazareth?

We liked the smaller class sizes in the schools and thought this was the best fit for our family. 


3. What are your goals for your 1st season as Head Coach at Nazareth?

I look forward to working with the athletic department. Ray, Bryan and Tom have been really supportive and encouraging. I am excited to build the program from K-12 and make it a true community sport. Building the culture and helping the girls tap into their true potential is our overall goal. Instilling confidence in the girls through hard work, discipline and teamwork.  We want these girls to be the foundation for the future of Nazareth Girls Lacrosse and be proud of the program through the years. 


4. What kind of job do you do during the Daytime away from Lacrosse?

I am a Health and PE teacher. 


5. Have you coached anything else besides Lacrosse?



6. Are you bringing anybody with you that coached with you at Easton or are you having new people?

I am bringing one assistant from Easton with me. He will work primarily with the goalies. 


7. Do you have any kids?

I have 2 daughters, Natalie 11 and Payton 8. 


8. What do you like to do in your Free Time?

I love spending time watching my kids play sports. They both play field hockey and lacrosse. 


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